Appointment Options

Appointments In Advance

We recommend advance appointments at all times. To schedule the right appointment for you, please review our scheduling procedures below.

Preferred Client Program

Have you ever wanted to have your pet groomed only to find there were no openings available when you needed them? That need never happen again as a member of the Preferred Client Program. You receive two convenient appointment scheduling options. No matter which you choose you will never have to worry about remembering your pet’s next appointment. We provide you with a reminder call.

How Does It Work?

Option A – Standing Appointment Option

A specific appointment is pre-scheduled for your pet at intervals of 1 to 8 weeks. You can change the interval at any time. You will receive a courtesy call the day before your appointment to confirm it. At that time you may confirm, cancel or schedule a more convenient time.

Option B – Courtesy Call Option
As with Option A you select an interval between appointments of 1 to 8 weeks. You will be called 2 weeks prior to the selected interval. Instead of the appointment being pre-scheduled subject to your confirmation, you schedule the appointment at the time of the courtesy call.

Priority Holiday Scheduling & Enrollment
Never again will you have to scramble for that hard-to-get holiday appointment. Members of the Preferred Client Program are provided a pre-booked holiday appointment. To start the program simply call the Receptionist and say, “I want to start the Preferred Client Program,” or ask to join during your next visit.

We recommend a special care appointment for aged, ill, or disabled pets. Your pet will receive the extra attention it needs on the last non-holiday Monday of each month. Call in advance for dates and appointment.

Patrons with very limited incomes may request a courtesy discount from the owner or manager.


Inquire for date and time.