Written Records
As a special courtesy we provide a written report of our observations and services during the time your pet is in our care. The primary purpose of our “Groomer Alert” procedure is to ensure that any reported or observed medical condition(s) prior to and during the pet grooming process are taken into full consideration before starting or continuing that grooming process. Patrons are asked to retain these reports with their pet health records and to provide these reports to your veterinarian when indicated. Our groomers are available to discuss special problems with you at your request.

For your pet’s health and our records, please keep us informed as to your pet’s:
  • Veterinarian name, address and telephone
  • Illness and special needs
  • Health conditions, including
    pregnancy            shots
    lactation               medications
    heart condition     epilepsy
Please also keep us informed of any changes in your  address, day and evening telephone, and the names of persons delegated to assume responsibility during a family emergency.

Informed patrons also know that we do not expose their pets to the hazards of:
  • Unsupervised cage drying
  • Leaving pets unattended
  • Use of tranquilizers at any time
  • Admitting pets which are observed to be contagious
For the safety of your pet and of others, we reserve the right to refuse services.
  • Please do not feed your pet a full meal before salon visit
  • Please “potty” walk your pet before salon visit and clean up after your pet
  • Expect a minimum of four hours for salon visit

Veterinarian Recommendations
We require that requests for use of all veterinarian prescribed medicated shampoos must be accompanied by written instructions from the veterinarian.